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Leading the market with technology, centerless grinder keeps up with the develop

Back date: 2020-07-23 09:14:14
The reason why grinders in the grinder market can progress and develop rapidly is because of years of observation in the market and continuous innovation and research and development according to market demand to improve their own technological reforms. The centerless grinder is slowly establishing its automation, generalization and other production automation, and the centerless grinder is undoubtedly the leader in the industry. Houtmann wu heart grinder has many advantages, such as automation, high-efficiency production, etc. It is suitable for the needs of various production industries, suitable for manual operation, and has high requirements for traditional dynamic performance. After decades of development, China The industry on the market has become one of the top ten domestic industries, and has made due contributions to the rapid development of China's centerless grinder industry. Among them, the most popular grinder in the market has basically satisfied a part of the Wuxin grinder market. Demand, the wu heart grinder produced by Guangdong Hautman factory is constantly changing with the needs of customers and the development of the times.
    As a major product in the grinding machine industry, grinders play a very important role in various industries. Especially *In recent years, my country’s advanced technology has been rapidly improved, and many advanced technologies have been continuously applied to wu heart grinders, making domestic wu heart grinders strengthen their own functions, consolidate the stability of performance, and improve the degree of automation. This has further accelerated the rapid progress of various industries in our country.
    The grinder is a machine tool with the functions of rough grinding, fine grinding, grinding and polishing composite processing, and the precision processing process of grinding, polishing and in-position detection is realized on the same machine tool, which greatly improves the high-precision ceramic products, optoelectronic components, textile machinery, Manufacturing level of mold and other industries. The precision grinding of the centerless grinder is an effective processing method that solves various high dimensional accuracy, high surface quality, and high shape accuracy, and it can greatly improve the processing efficiency of parts. For difficult-to-cut materials such as ferrous metals, brittle materials, and high-hardness materials (optical glass, structural ceramics, optical crystals, glass-ceramics, semiconductors), etc., precision grinding, polishing and other methods must be used for processing. The machining accuracy of the workpiece mainly depends on the accuracy of the machine tool and the machining technology and method used.
    In order to make the wu heart grinder more usable and more practical, many unique functions have been added to the design of this equipment, so that everyone can have very different effects when they use it. We can see , The design of a guide wheel is added to the equipment. This guide wheel can make the equipment have a very strong mobile performance. When using it, it can easily perform any rotation of 360 degrees. The wu heart grinder is just It will be very convenient.
    The wu-center grinder is particularly suitable for use in a small installation space, a wu-center grinder with reduced lateral size. And can meet the requirements of simplification and space saving of various production lines. Since the grinding wheel dressing unit is arranged at an oblique downward position above the grinding wheel, there is no need to maintain a space for the grinding wheel dressing unit on the side of the grinding wheel, which is closely related to the horizontal dimension of the traditional wu-center grinding machine. As a result, the transverse dimension of the wu-center grinder can be greatly reduced, and the grinder can be installed in a small device space, thereby meeting the requirements for simplification and space saving of various production lines. Thereby improving accuracy and efficiency.
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