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What is the biggest feature of automatic surface grinder

Back date: 2020-07-22 10:00:15
With the improvement of the degree of mechanization in various industries, the demand for precision grinders continues to increase, and it also occupies a larger market share in the import and export trade. This is not only a market-oriented demand, but also the support of national policies. Sichuan's backbone surface grinder companies boldly research and develop new products in this good development environment to make this market more dynamic. In order to meet the needs of the market with multiple deformations, the grinding machine industry has made product structure adjustments in recent years, strengthened the progress of scientific research, and is extremely active in the development of precision and ultra-precision surface grinding machines. Let's talk about the special features of automatic surface grinders below.
1. High precision and stable quality of machined parts. The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the automatic surface grinder are very high. It is easier to ensure the consistency of a batch of parts. As long as the process design and procedures are correct and reasonable, plus careful operation, the parts can be guaranteed Obtaining higher machining accuracy is also convenient for quality control of the machining process.
2. The degree of automation is high, which can reduce the manual labor intensity of the operator. The processing process of the grinder is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start the tool setting, the EDM machine to load and unload the workpiece, and to change the tool. During the processing, Mainly observe and supervise the operation of machine tools.
3. Dimensions should conform to the characteristics of grinder processing. In CNC programming, the dimensions and positions of all points, lines, and surfaces are based on the programming origin. Therefore, it is best to give the coordinate size directly on the part drawing, or try to quote the size with the same datum.
4. Uniform geometry type or size It is better to use uniform geometry type or size for the shape and inner cavity of parts, which can reduce the number of tool changes, and it is also possible to apply control programs or special programs to shorten the program length. The shape of the parts is as symmetrical as possible, which is convenient for programming by using the mirror machining function of the surface grinding to save programming time.
5. Reliable positioning datum In grinding machine processing, the processing procedures are often concentrated, and it is very important to locate on the same datum. Facilitate the development and modification of new products. Grinding machine processing generally does not require a lot of complicated process equipment, and parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements can be processed by programming the processing program. When the product is remodeled or the design is changed, only the program is changed without the need to redesign the tooling. Therefore, grinding machine processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, and provide a shortcut for new product development, product improvement, and modification. Automatic surface grinder
6. It can be developed to a more advanced manufacturing system. Surface grinding and its processing technology are the basis of computer-aided manufacturing.
7. High production efficiency. Automatic surface grinder processing is able to process multiple processing surfaces in clamping once again. Generally, only the first part is tested, so many intermediate processes in ordinary machine tool processing can be omitted, and because of the quality of parts processed by the grinder Stability brings convenience to the follow-up process, and its overall efficiency is significantly improved.
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