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Items that the machining center needs to check and maintain regularly

Back date: 2020-07-23 09:17:41
Check items regularly:
1. The bearing condition of the spindle working at the extra maximum speed-vibration meter
2. Equipment level detection-level meter
3. Detection of perpendicularity between X/Y/X axis-square box/square
4. X/Y/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy detection-laser interferometer
4. X/Y/Z axis cumulative error detection-laser interferometer
6. 300mm radial runout detection of spindle
7. Verticality detection of spindle and worktable
8. X/Y/Z axis ball screw bearing condition detection
9. X/Y/Z axis screw status detection
Regular maintenance items:
1. Mechanical part:
1. Check the condition of the smooth system and pressure gauge, clean the filter of the smooth system, replace the smooth oil, and clear the oil circuit.
2. Check the air system, clean the air filter, and eliminate the leakage of pressure gas.
3. Check the fluid system, clean the filter, clean the oil tank, replace or filter the oil. If possible, replace the seal.
4. Fasten the transmission parts and replace the bad standard parts.
5. For grease-smooth parts, add grease as required.
6. Clean and clean all transmission surfaces.
7. Check the condition of the tool magazine and manipulator, analyze the wear condition of the manipulator, and determine whether it needs to be replaced.
8. Repair and correct damaged parts of external components.
9. Check the condition of the protective cover.
2. Electrical part:
1. Clean the electrical components in the control cabinet, check and tighten the tightening condition of the terminal.
2. Clean and clean the control module and circuit board of the numerical control system, clean the electric fan, the air filter, and clean the heat sink.
3. Clean the blades of the servo motor fan.
4. Clean the internal components of the operation panel, circuit boards, and electric fans. Check the fastening condition of the connector.
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