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Do you still have doubts about precision surface grinder

Back date: 2020-07-22 10:05:17
What is a precision surface grinder?
       The precision surface grinder is a kind of surface grinder. It is suitable for grinding workpieces that do not require motorized feed. It can grind various surfaces. Generally speaking, the precision of large precision surface grinders can reach 0.02mm, and the precision of small precision surface grinders The accuracy can reach 0.001mm.
       The main shaft of the precision surface grinder generally adopts P4 precision rolling bearings. After rigorous testing and selection of preload, the labyrinth seal is carried out, so the waterproof and dustproof performance is particularly good; the longitudinal left and right adopt high-precision steel ball guide rails, which are resistant to wear and stable in movement. High precision, light and flexible operation; the column adopts a large-span guide rail, which has good rigidity and high stability.
       Precision surface grinders are generally assembled in a temperature control room during production to ensure the service life of the bearings and various parts. The whole machine uses manual oil pumps for centralized lubrication.
       The market for precision surface grinders
  With China's accession to the WTO, some well-known surface grinder manufacturers have realized this problem in the industry competition and began to organize research and improve production technology, realizing that we can only gain a place in international competition through our own R&D and production.
  In order to meet the needs of the market with multiple deformations, the grinding machine industry has adjusted its product structure in recent years, strengthened the progress of scientific research, and is very active in the development of precision and ultra-precision surface grinders.
This year, in the Chinese grinder market, precision surface grinders have been increasing year by year in terms of output and sales. With the improvement of the degree of mechanization in various industries, the demand for precision grinders has continued to increase, and it has also occupied the import and export trade. Larger market share. This is not only a market-oriented demand, but also the support of national policies. The backbone of China's surface grinder companies boldly research and develop new products in this good development environment to make this market more dynamic.
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