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The precision surface grinder can overload and protect a large range

Back date: 2020-07-22 10:06:06
There are many types of precision surface grinders, the secondary ones are three-dimensional grinders, cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, all-weather cylindrical grinders (also for inner hole grinding), cone grinders, fingerprint grinders, rail grinders, unintentional grinders (external grinding) machines Grinding machine (grinding machine) etc. The three-dimensional grinder and its activities are introduced there.
 1 Three-dimensional grinder structure (Take M7120A as an example, which: M-grinder-type tools; 71-horizontal axis and moment table three-dimensional grinder; 20-task table width of 200mm; A-the first serious improvement.)
 (1) The mound frame-the mound frame is installed and the sand is driven to continuously wind the sand at a high speed. The mound frame can be moved along the sliding seat dovetail rail for manual or hydraulic lateral clearance.
 (2) Sliding base-install the mound frame and drive the mound frame to move up and down along the rail of the column.
 (3) Column-supporting sliding seat and mound frame.
 (4) The task table-the device works and is driven by hydraulic system to move back and forth in a curve.
 (5) Bed-supporting task table, device and other components.
 (6) Icing fluid system-the grinding area needs icing fluid (saponified oil).
 (7) The hydraulic drive system of the surface grinder is composed of:
 1) Energy components-oil pumps, supply hydraulic transmission system pressure oil;
 2) The implementation component-the oil cylinder, which affects the activities of the task table and other components;
 3) Master components-for various valve families, master pressure, progress, position, etc.;
 4) Auxiliary parts-such as fuel tank, pressure gauge, etc. Precision surface grinder
 Compared with machine transmission, hydraulic transmission has the advantages of transmission bumps. Surface grinders can protect from overload and can complete stepless price adjustment in a larger range.
 2Three-dimensional grinding activities
 (1) The main activity-the high-speed winding activity of the mound.
 (2) Feeding activity
 1) Longitudinal feed-the task table moves the workpiece back and forth curve;
 2) Vertical feed-the mound moves to the depth of the work;
 3) Transverse feed-the mound moves along its axis gap.
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